• barware

           Whether you’re venting your inner Tom Cruise over a cocktail or just looking to add sophistication to your living space, we know one thing is true: no home is complete without a well-stocked bar cart.        And, no, a few dusty bottles left ov...
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  • The Mysterious Origins of the Boston Shaker

            Cocktails were a new invention compared to the ancient art of making wine, beer and mead. We didn’t always have the variety of spices, punch, and liqueurs that we’ve acquired over the centuries. As our drinks evolve, we need tools to perfect our cocktails...
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  • Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2013-2015

    Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2013-2015

    Asia’s Biggest Houseware Event Attracts Quality International Buyers-The HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair. It is a great honor to participate in this Hong Kong Houseware Fair, this is the first time we exhibit our products.Our aim is to present the most suitable and best quality barware produ...
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  • NRA SHOW 2015 

    NRA SHOW 2015 

    The NRA Show is the largest foodservice and hospitality event, held in Chicago annually. More than 40 foodservice segments from all 50 states and 100+ countries come together every year to taste, test, shop, network and connect. It’s an energy that only the hospitality industry can create. ...
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  • Ambiente Show 2014-2015

    Ambiente Show 2014-2015

    The Frankfurt Consumer Goods Fair Spring AMBIENTE is a high-quality consumer goods trade fair with one of the largest exhibition scales and the best trade effects in the world. It is held in the world’s third largest exhibition center, Frankfurt International Exhibition Center, Germany in s...
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